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"Votive Candle Holder"


3 x 3 Votive Glass Candle Holder (Dollar Tree)

Colored Tissue Paper

Stampin' Up! "Pansy Flower Punch"

Mod Podge

Foam Brushes

Paper Plates

Tea Lights (Dollar Tree)



Choose color design of tissue flowers

Cut tissue flowers in between copy paper & punch out 15-20 with

Pansy Punch

Separate flowers to have ready for adhering to vase


Remove any stickers from Vase

Clean with paper towel to remove any dust

Mod Podge:

Pour Mod Podge in a paper plate & add a little water to thin & mix

Holding one hand inside the vase - apply Mod Podge over

1 side of vase & edges

With the other hand - arrange flowers over the Mod Lodge placing flowers on vase & over the edges (but not hanging over bottom or top edge)

Rotate your hand turning the vase & adding flowers

After finishing all sides, carefully apply Mod Podge over the

outside of the vase, being careful not to tear flowers

Dry completely

Tips for Punching Tissue Paper Flowers:

Place tissue paper in between copy paper when punching flowers

Layer flowers around the corners

Place flowers only to top & bottom rim - not hanging over

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